Look What You’ve Become Boy – Part Two

September 6, 2006 at 4:04 am (Brendon Urie Fiction)

Chapter Two

“He’s coming over here again!” Chelsea squealed, tugging on Abbie’s arm. “Oh my god, tell us Lexi, did you say anything embarrassing to him?” 

“No…” Lexi shook her head. “Um… I don’t think so. Besides saying that I have no clue who Panic! At the Party is…”

“Disco,” Brendon filled in, smiling at Lexi and the two girls as he approached them. “It’s Panic! At the Disco but that’s okay…” 

Lexi blushed a little and tucked some hair behind her ear, “Right. Sorry. You would know… since you’re like… the lead singer right?”

Brendon smiled sheepishly and nodded, “Yeah, you got me there… sorry. I should have told you but I noticed how you didn’t look the typical fan and I couldn’t resist the urge to see what your thoughts were…” He turned to Abbie and Chelsea, smiling. “Hey girls, I’m Brendon Urie.” 

Both girls gapped at him in shock, Lexi was almost sure she could see drool leaving their mouths. “Brendon theses are the two friends who made me come… Chelsea and Abbie.”

The announcement of their named snapped some reality back into the girls and they grinned at Brendon, talking over each other, “Oh my god it’s so great to meet you!” 

“Oh my god you’re amazing!”

“I like so love you!” 

“I’m one of your biggest fans!”

“I adore you!” 

“Abbie! Chelsea! Breathe!” Lexi grabbed both girls by the elbows, giving Brendon a soft grin.

“It’s okay, thank you girls. I’m sure Ryan would love to meet you, he’s over there,” Brendon half turned and pointed towards a man across the room done up in the same type of make up and outfit. 

Abbie and Chelsea giggled excitedly to each other before darting across the room to meet whoever Ryan was. Lexi smiled softly at Brendon when he turned back to her, “You must get that all the time…”

“Not all the time,” He paused, considered this then nodded. “Okay yes, all the time. But it’s okay… I’m used to it. Every now and then I get a refreshing realization that not everyone knows and adores me.” 

“Like me?” Lexi asked with a smile.

Brendon smiled and reached out, taking her hand in his and squeezing softly. “Exactly like you.” He looked back over his shoulder then turned back to Lexi, his palm still hooked with hers. “I need to go get ready… but listen, we’re gonna be at this night club tonight, Hiatus, come and join us okay? Chelsea and Abbie can come too.” 

Lexi blushed and looked down, nodding. “Alright, sure.” She wasn’t used to special attention from guys, especially famous, gorgeous, rock star guys.

He leaned over, pressed a kiss to her cheek and gave her one last grin before heading to the door with his band mates.  

A warm rush spread through Lexi’s body. She didn’t even mind when Chelsea and Abbie came to her side, squealing with excitement.


Their concert was better then Lexi had expected and a part of her decided listening to their music on a daily schedule wouldn’t be too bad.  

Oddly enough, Lexi was finding herself growing excited for the club after the concert. She’d never been a big partier, it seemed just a pointless waste of time. But the way Brendon seemed to sing just to her on the stage, she was melting under his influence.

Could this be her big chance at love? 

Her mind flashed to herself in a white flowing wedding gown, Brendon waiting at the end of the isle, his top hat sitting proudly on his head.

Quickly she shook the thought from her mind. 


The door man at the club ushered them in to the VIP section the moment after she’d given her name and he’d checked it on her list. 

The club was dark, flashing lime green, blue, yellow and red color every so often. Chelsea and Abbie seemed completely at home, dancing a little to the over loud techno beat reverberating through the building. Lexi had to fight off the urge to cover her ears.

“Why is it so loud?!?” She yelled to her friends, who only laughed in response. 

The VIP section was a little quieter, at least tolerable, and Lexi felt her equilibrium steady as her eyes adjusted. The band members at scattered around with other various people. Lexi wasn’t sure what to do so instead let her eyes take in the pool tables, private bar and plush furniture.

She’d never seen such an overly decorated area. 

“Glad you came,’ a voice from behind her made her start and hands settled on her waist. “Sorry, did I scare you?”

She turned to face the voice, the image of the person nearly taking her breath away. Without his over abundance of makeup and stylish clothing, Brendon was stunning. Not like he wasn’t with that stuff, he just looked more realistic now. 

He wore slim jeans and a belt that dropped low on her waist, a black silver studded belt holding them up. His black t-shirt read some various clothing label and fell just above his belt. She could tell he’d recently taken a shower, as his hair was mildly damp and fell just softly in his face. Brown eyes gazed at her with amusement and she blushed.

“I guess I must look terrifying,” he smirked, reaching up to tuck her shoulder length brown hair behind her ear. 

“No,” she shook her head, feeling she must look undressed wearing a pair of Levis and a brown long sleeved shirt. “Just taking you in…” 

Brendon grinned and stepped back, spinning around to give her a full picture of his ensemble, “Now can I… take you in?”

Lexi blushed at his seductive once over and smiled shyly in return. 

“Want a drink?” he offered, taking her hand and leading her over to the private bar.

Lexi followed, her eyes venturing over to Chelsea and Abbie sitting on a couch talking to some boys Lexi vaguely knew to be band members. Spencer and Ryan, she thought. 

“I’ll have a Rum and Cola, and Lexi here will have…” Brendon turned to her expectantly.

“Oh um… mineral water, please, if you have it,” if there was one thing Lexi didn’t do it was drink. 

Brendon turned and rested back against the bar, propping his elbows up on the ledge and eyed her. He said nothing, just stared, until Lexi finally cracked under the pressure.


“Nothing,” he smirked. “Just… tell me about yourself, I want to know all about you.”

Lexi considered this for a moment. Of course she knew all about herself, but seriously… “There’s not much to tell. I’m pretty normal and well, boring.” 

“Oh, no,” Brendon shook his head. “You can’t be boring. How old are you?”

“23, you?” Lexi sipped the water placed on the bar counter. 

“19,” Brendon also took a sip of his drink and watched for her reaction. “Are you oing to tell me I’m to young?”

“For what? Me? To drink? To be otherworldly famous?” Lexi mused, Brendon just nodded as if to symbol all. “Well, I’ve never believed in the whole, men must be older thing. And I’m not a cop so why should it bother me?” 

“What do you do?” Brendon asked, not letting her answer the last question.

“I’m a lawyer,” she paused then continued, “Well not completely yet… I’m still at the bottom of the firm… but one day!” 

Brendon laughed, “A girl with ambitions, that always brings a smile to my face.”

“Oh really?” Lexi raised an eyebrow, not sure what to make of his statement. 

He nodded then took a long swig of his drink, setting it on the counter. “Let’s dance.”

Lexi nearly chocked. Dancing? That was not something she was capable of, “Oh I don’t-“

“Come on!” Brendon took her drink and set it on the counter, pulling her swiftly out of the room as she threw her friends a desperate ‘help me’ glance.


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Look What You’ve Become Boy – Part One

September 5, 2006 at 10:23 pm (Brendon Urie Fiction)

Chapter One

Alexandra, Lexi, Hilton wasn’t really into the whole, band of the moment thing. In fact, she stuck mainly to ACDC and the Rolling Stones. Oldies were her specialties. Which is exactly why she only blinked in mild confusion at the roar of excitement leaving her two best friends upon the announcement of three back stage passes to a Panic! At the Disco concert.

“Oh my god!” Abbie screamed, hugging Chelsea once more – for the thousandth time. “How did you get them?! When is it?1 OH MY F-ING GOD!”

Chelsea’s response was just as incoherent and Lexi nearly had to cover her ears at the high pitched squeal of her friend, “Daddy got them for me!! The concerts on Friday! We’re SOOO going! OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT!!”

Lexi waited calmly until their chatter died down to an excited murmur. She looked at both girls in turn then spoke casually, “So… who’s Panic! At the Disco?”

Both Chelsea and Abbie stared at her in disbelief, shaking their heads in disappointment. “Oh Lexi… what are we going to do for you?”

“Naturally you’re going,” Chelsea grinned.

“What?” Lexi raised her eyebrow. “Chels, I don’t even know what this band is… seriously… why don’t you take your sister or something?”

“Are you kidding?!” Chelsea shook her head. “You’re going, get used to it.” She smirked and reached into her purse, pulling out a blue Jewel CD case and tossing it in her direction. “Here you go.”

Lexi caught the CD and looked at Chelsea with a raised eyebrow, “Um… what’s this?”

“Panic! At the Disco of course, we’re going backstage, I can’t have you be completely naive,” She smirked and walked out of the room. Abbie followed her, also smirking and waving over her shoulder. Lexi stared in disbelief, the feel of dread already beginning to form in her stomach.


Lexi Hilton was 23 going on 40, at least through the eyes of her two best friends, Chelsea Jordan and Abbie Scott. From a young age she’d been the woman of the house, after her mom passed away in a car accident when she was eight. As a result her father began to loose himself in work and was seldom at home. Lexi was left to be in charge of her four year old brother.

Lexi never complained though, it was in her nature. Instead she buried herself in school work, graduating early from both high school and college. It never bothered her that she’d never been kissed, let alone had a boyfriend. It seemed much easier to focus instead on her work and making sure her baby brother stayed out of trouble.

Parting of her maturing into an adult became the music she listened to. Since she could never be like the other teenagers, she refused to listen to their music. When her father had been away on a business trip one weekend Lexi had dug through her mother’s boxes and found her old records. Lexi had been obsessed ever since.

Which was exactly why Lexi never really got around to listening to the CD Chelsea had given her. It wasn’t like she was purposefully ignoring it, she simply had no really desire to submerse her self in some band that everyone loved.


“I can’t believe we’re going to meet Panic! At the Disco…” Abbie whispered in near shock as the day of the concert arrived and the three headed towards the stadium the band would be performing in.

“I’m in shock,” Chelsea whispered back. Neither girl had felt their nerves would be up to driving so Lexi was forced to get behind the wheel and deal with the never ending topic of this supposedly amazing band, Panic! At the Disco.

Lexi had successfully zoned the conversation and was just considered the extent of work she still had to do at the firm when they pulled into the Stadium’s parking lot and she slipped the car into park.

She braced herself for the explosion that erupted from both the girls as they walked around the large building to the back doors where they presented their tickets and were allowed access inside.

Unfortunately there was no safety inside, considering the green room they were led into held somewhere around 20 near screaming fan girls. Lexi could only sigh and position herself near the far wall, sipping on an ice water.

She watched Abbie and Chelsea chatter like squirrels with two other girls decked out in clothing that read P!AtD.

At some point, when Lexi was so near the point of boredom she zoned out everything happening around her, the boys of Panic! At the Disco entered the room.


Brendon Urie’s eyes traveled over the usual slew of girls with shirts that said his name and eyes that shown with love for him. He didn’t mean to sound like his ego was that enormous, but he couldn’t deny the facts. He was just about to assume this crowd was just like all the other ones he’d met until his eyes landed on a girl in the far corner of the room.

Her eyes were focused on the ceiling, and she looked incredibly… bored. Brendon didn’t fail to notice that she wore normal clothes, nothing that preached her undying love for them.

Curiosity got the best of him and he slowly made his way over, smiling at various girls until he was right beside her. “You’re not at Panic! At the Disco fan are you?”

Her eyes snapped open and locked on him, “Is it that obvious?”

“Yes,” He smiled and turned towards her, “I’m Brendon.”

“Lexi,” she gave him a soft half smile and shook his hand gently. “Um… are you here for the band?”

“Something like that…” Brendon nodded, amusement crawling through him. “So what are you doing here? If you’re not a fan of the band?”

“My friends made me come,” She laughed and shook her head. “No offense to the band but… Panic! At the Disco is not really my type of music…”

“Oh? And what is?” Brendon flipped some loose hair out of his eyes and gave Lexi his best sexy look.

She paused and studied him for a moment before a smile once more crept up her lips, “Oh you know, ACDC, the Stones, Aerosmith, their old stuff naturally… um… the most recent I get is a strange taste for Nirvana… though I’m not sure why…”

Brendon chuckled softly until his name was called from across the room. He looked at Spencer, gesturing for him to come over. He held up a finger signaling he’d be right there and smiled at Lexi, “Hey I have to go, but I will be back in a few minutes okay? Don’t leave.”

Lexi smiled and nodded. “Okay sure…”

He gave her one last smile before walking across the room. Lexi’s eyes watched his form as he disappeared across the room. He was just barely hidden amongst a group of giggly girls when Abbie and Chelsea came rushing over to her side. “Oh my god!! What did you say to him?! What did he say to you?! Did you touch him?! Did he introduce himself?!”

Lexi blinked, “Huh? Why are you guys freaking out?”

“God Lexi! That’s Brendon Urie!!” Chelsea near screamed. Lexi frowned and looked hard at her, asking with her eyes if that was supposed to mean something. “Oh my god… duh! The leader singer of Panic! At the Disco!!”

Lexi’s face paled and she looked quickly towards the man across the room. It suddenly hit her why he was dressed in such strange clothes and was wearing makeup. She felt like a genuine idiot and he was still planning on coming back to her side. She needed to escape.

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September 5, 2006 at 10:07 pm (Brendon Urie Fiction, Ryan Ross Fiction, Slash Fiction)

Rating: PG

Pairing: Ryan/Brendon

Summary: Ryan has a confession to make.

“I love you,” the words were spoke in a rush and mumbled together so much so that Brendon had to sit in silence for a full minute to take them in. Or it may have simply been the shock of the unexpected announcment.He arched an eyebrow at Ryan and frowned just a fraction of an inch, “What?”

Ryan’s face paled to an unnatural shade and he wet his lips, looking despertaly around him in some attempt to take back the moment and confession, “Oh um… nothing. Sorry. I’ll just go.”

“Wait!” Brendon jumped up, stridding across the room. “No… don’t… I just… you sort of caught me off guard Ry.”

“Heh.” Ryan gave a half hearted shrug, despertaly pushing tears to the far back of his eyes.

“So, um…” Brendon ran a hand through his hair. “Well… god I’m really flattered…” Brendon reached out his hand to lay on Ryan’s arm but the older boy flenched away.

“Don’t,” Ryan held up his hand. “Hey, just forget I said anything okay?”

This surprised Brendon and he watched helplessly as Ryan turned from him. At the last instant his body kicked into gear and he grabbed Ryan, spinning him around and pushing him against the wall. He sealed his lips over the older boy’s for a deep passionate kiss before he came up for and said, “I love you too.”


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